TRUST case vs Martha Closed, Other Options Pursued

The record from the supreme court is given below:

Supreme Court Case Information (click here)

In an email from the TRUST counsel, part of the information communicated was:

To the TRUST Board:

I am sorry to report that the California Supreme Court denied our Petition for Review yesterday.
Thus has our Trails case come to an end.

The Court did order that the very aggressive anti-trail Court of Appeal decision in our case be de-published, thus removing the decision from the reported cases as citable law.

The Supreme Court, in de-publishing the results of the Appeal Court decision seem to be making it clear that the arguments of TRUST do have merit, just not enough to have them add the case to their busy docket, but enough so that no one can use this case as a precedent!

TRUST, in combination with other local organizations, will continue to pursue its goals of keeping the hiking trails in Tiburon open to the public.