The figure below shows an aerial view of the eastern most portion of the Tiburon Peninsula.

  • In the upper left portion of the figure, above the diagonal red line, is public land already belonging to Tiburon / Belvedere.
  • The portion of the figure surrounded by a red line is approximately the area that the Martha Company wants to develop. Note that many portions of this land are unsuitable for development, and many issues concerning access to water, sewers, roads, and the like have yet to be solved before development can begin.
  • The green lines on the figure show the approximate locations of trails that the citizens of Tiburon, Belvedere, Marin and California have walked on for decades.

The key to note is that the trails shown by the green lines are protected by California law and, because of their long years of public use, have become permanently available to the public… The purpose of this organization is to make certain that California laws are upheld.