Items related to the lawsuit to protect the trails


Martha Property For Sale!

Wow! The Martha property is up for sale – for $110M!

Read the details from the Wall Street Journal:

Post trial briefs

After all the work was done with the mechanics of the trial, the judge asked for a post-trial brief from each side. Yet another hurdle to meet!

Here is the brief from the TRUST legal team:

Plaintiff’s Memorandum of Points

For some great reading, please check out the following pdf that shows the Martha Company’s request for summary judgment and the TRUST response.

Plaintiff’s Mandatory Settlement Conference

TRUST Files Lawsuit to Protect Public Trails in Tiburon

The local Non-profit group, Tiburon/Belvedere Residents United to Support the Trails (TRUST), seeks a court judgment protecting historic trails on the Martha property in response to recent closures and vandalism.

See information on the press release – click here.

See a map of the Martha property – click here.

See a more historical perspective – click here.