Martha Property For Sale!

Wow! The Martha property is up for sale – for $110M!

Read the details from the Wall Street Journal:

Post trial briefs

After all the work was done with the mechanics of the trial, the judge asked for a post-trial brief from each side. Yet another hurdle to meet!

Here is the brief from the TRUST legal team:

Plaintiff Points and Authorities

For some great reading, please check out the following pdf that shows the Martha Company’s request for a judgment and the TRUST response. Kudos to Bill, Barry, Erica, Chris and others on the TRUST legal team!


New Videos

Just wanted to draw attention to the two videos now on our homepage.

The first is two of the biggest entertainers in the world from a few years ago – Roy Rogers and Dale Evans singing – Happy Trails!

The second is a compilation video of some of the beautiful images that we all live with every day in Tiburon/Belvedere. We are all blessed to live here in this beauty and to share this beauty with others.

Be sure to hit the full screen button as you watch so you can get the full effect!


TRUST Public Meeting August 7, 2018, 7PM

TRUST presented another of its public forums concerning the potential pathways by which the trails on the Martha property can remain open for the public to use while properly compensating the Reed family. The meeting began on August 7, 2018, at 7PM at the Tiburon Council Chambers at 1505 Tiburon Blvd and ran through 8:30PM.

Approximately 50 people were present at the meeting. Everyone at the meeting was deeply focused on the issues and showed great interest – as not one person left until the meeting was over.

Refreshments were served.

Presentations were made by:

  • Richard Wodehouse, President of the TRUST Board
  • Bill Lukens, TRUST Board member and Trust Attorney
  • Jerry Reissen, of Tiburon Open Space (TOS)
  • Tracy Gary, TRUST fundraising expert

After the presentations were over, the presenters answered many questions raised by the attendees. Concerns over the trails, the open space, compensation for the Reed family, and other issues were discussed.

One of the HIGHLIGHTS of the meeting came when Bill Lukens, watching the “Happy Trails” video of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, pulled out his trumpet and played along! Then he went even further! He suggested the following words to use with the “Happy Trails” music:

Happy Trails to you
We’ll meet you on the Ridge.
Happy Trails to you
From there we’ll see the Bridge.
Martha will attempt to keep us from them,
But with our good law, we’ll overcome them,
Happy Trails to you
Tile we meet again.

Happy Trails to you
We’ll walk the Spanish Trail.
Happy Trails to you
Stopping us will fail.
We have been trekking here forever,
Come and join us in our endeavor,
Happy Trails to you
Tile we meet again.




TRUST New Logo

In staying with the general form of other logos used in the Marin and San Francisco area concerning issues of public and open lands, TRUST is changing its logo! Our old logo was just cobbled together in about 10 minutes… it was this:

Our new logo is of a style recognizable to those in the SF area:



Members Added to TRUST Board

Two new members were added to the TRUST board at the meeting today.

The current board includes:

  • Richard Wodehouse (president)
  • Bill Lukens (attorney)
  • Christian Wagner
  • Jocelyn Knight
  • Chuck Hornbrook
  • Jane Elkins
  • Geoffrey Fletcher (has since asked to be removed for personal reasons)

Trust Neighborhood Meeting on July 25, 2018 at 6:15PM

A delightful fundraising meeting was held at the home of one of our Tiburon neighbors on, July 25, 2018, at 6:15 pm.

The members of TRUST, other involved parties, and our host and her family gathered with perhaps 20 neighbors to describe the various facts of the situation concerning the Martha property. The speakers were Richard Wodehouse (chair of the TRUST board), Bill Lukens (TRUST attorney), Jerry Riessen (of Tiburon Open Space), Brad Nelson (of LOCATNA homeowners association), Chris Wagner (member of TRUST board), and Starr Porter (a concerned neighbor).  The  forms of support that are needed by TRUST were described in detail, as well as the needs of Tiburon Open Space (TOS). Many questions were asked and answered.

Many neighbors, right then and there, opened their checkbooks to aid in funding the TRUST lawsuit. Others donated on this website the next day… so we keep getting closer to our goals to complete the current litigation every day. Thanks to everyone that donated!

And remember that funding the various lawsuits concerning the Martha property, as well as the possible purchase of the property from the Reed family, will demand a continuing effort over time – that will be so worth it!

Plaintiff’s Memorandum of Points

For some great reading, please check out the following pdf that shows the Martha Company’s request for summary judgment and the TRUST response.